Legislative & Government Affairs

The New York State Building and Construction Trades Council is consistently advocating with elected and public officials to aid and protect the Building Trades workers and contractors.  We also assist NABTU (North America’s Building Trades Unions) in its work at the national level, where appropriate.

This section is broken down into three areas:

  • Legislative agendas
    • Our focus is, but not limited to, Workplace Safety, Wage Theft, Equality and Harassment-Free Workplace, Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wages, Apprenticeship and Training, and more!
  • Political Action and Endorsements
    •  We endorse the candidates that work for us, not a political party.  Learn more!
  • Government Information
    •  Links to your local and state government officials and departments by county!



We support issues that prioritize the well-being of New York’s construction workforce.  These include, but are not limited to:

Prioritizing prevailing wages, project labor agreements or other good wage & benefit guarantees
Protecting union rights, including workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain
Ensuring workplace safety and employer accountability
Protecting workers against exploitation such as wage theft or 1099-misclassification
Incentivizing apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training that creates a real path into a middle-class career
Finding ways to create opportunities for those in disadvantaged communities by engaging with stakeholders across the State 
Promoting fair contracting and bidding practices