End Construction Worker Exploitation in NY

Say YES to NYS legislation protecting working people from wage theft violations.

It’s the right thing to do. 

Honest work should result in honest pay. In New York’s construction industry, however, that’s not always the case – especially for non-union, minority, and undocumented construction workers.

Since 2011, nearly $300 million in stolen wages have been recovered and returned to exploited workers. Hundreds of millions of dollars more line the pockets of irresponsible contractors, instead of supporting the livelihoods of New York’s working men and women.

Five other states, in addition to the District of Columbia, have laws protecting workers from this wage theft.

It’s time New York becomes the sixth state. Senate Bill S2766 and Assembly Bill A3350 would make that happen.

What would S2766/A3350 mean for workers?
Currently workers on private projects who are the victims of wage theft – withheld wages, overtime, and benefits by irresponsible contractors – can only sue sub-contractors, making it nearly impossible for them to recover the wages they’re owed.

This legislation would allow exploited workers to sue general contractors for wage theft actions (which is already the case on public construction projects), broadening their path to recouping their stolen wages and cleaning up the industry of bad actors. 

Who would benefit from this legislation?

  • All Construction Workers – Minority, undocumented, and non-union workers are most vulnerable to wage theft, and this legislation would help guarantee that these workers are more likely to recover unpaid wages.
  • NYS Small Businesses -- The new law would create an incentive for prime contractors to thoroughly vet the subcontractors being selected on each project. This will allow law-abiding businesses to better compete.
  • New York Taxpayers -- With more businesses and workers acting in compliance with State law, income tax and wage theft revenues will rise and workers’ compensation will properly be paid. This also saves taxpayers money that would need to be spent on payroll fraud investigations.

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